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In-Home Pick-Up
When it''s overwhelming for you, we would be glad to come to your home for a private pick up. Please follow the below steps to make it more comfortable and convenient for you.

  • If you haven''t already, please stop by and visit Deja Vu to see what type of store we are and what we sell. This will give you an idea of what our customers like best.
  • Thoroughly go through your garments and check for stains, moth holes and ripped seams.
  • Make sure your garments are freshly laundered or dry cleaned.
  • Place garments in an area that is easy for Deja Vu staff to go through your items and take them to vehicles. Clothing on hangers is easiest for staff to inspect.
  • Deja Vu staff will sort through your garments and decide what is a good fit for our store. We may take 10 pieces, we may take it all.
  • Merchandise will be inventoried at Deja Vu, NOT AT YOUR HOUSE. An email will be sent within 2 days listing the items and prices.
  • After the consignment period ends you have the option of picking up your unsold items or they can be donated to The Assistance League of Southeastern Michigan and a tax write off will be sent to you.
For further details or additional questions call us at 248-855-4567

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